Peach Color Half Sleeve Unisex Casual Regular fit T-Shirt V - Neck

Rs. 539 Rs. 599

Saabu Mode Presents the Soft textured cotton you will Fall in love with you adorn this Cool Fit T shirt. Your skin will love the feel of this t-shirt as it is fashioned using the material that is famous for comfort – a Pure Cotton. Get the casual look by wearing this T-Shirt for any Sporting activity or pair it with Jeans or Chinos.

Superior Built Quality
Heat & Sun Protection
Perfect Fit
Maximum Comfort
Light Weight
Very Soft Fabric
Cotton Blend
Home Made Fabric

160 GSM, Light Weight & Full-Length T-shirt

Full-sleeve shirts combine the casual and comfortable feel of a T-shirt with the full coverage of a business/dress shirt. Both men and women can wear our Saabu Mode full-sleeves for casual, dating, and even professional occasions.

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